Top 5 ideas for reusing your Mood Alchemy artisan product containers

Here at Mood Alchemy, we recognise the importance of recycling glass, because it not only conserves the environment (by reducing waste to landfill) but it also saves energy. This is why Mood Alchemy’s artisan glass product containers are already made from a high percentage of recycled glass – true to our Clean and Green Philosophy.

Our customers can further extend this eco-friendly mindset by reusing your Mood Alchemy artisan product containers around the home or office once you have finished with the luxe aromatherapy product. Mood Alchemy’s unique product packaging is so eye catching and functional – it’s even better to reuse it than to recycle it! (Just remember to clean thoroughly before reuse).

Our Top 5 ideas for reuse are:

cropped_logo Mood Altering Candle jar: Great for use as kitchen canisters to store teas, spices, and candy. Start collecting now!
cropped_logo Mood Reed Diffuser bottle: Ideal for use as a bud vase or decorative olive oil dispenser.
cropped_logo Mood Massage Oil bottle: Doubles as a liquid hand-wash dispenser with the convenient pump attachment.
cropped_logo Mood Altering Mist bottle: Refill with water and reuse around the home or office as a decorative plant mister. Your indoor plants will thank you!

So before you put your empty Mood Alchemy product container in the recycling bin – remember to consider your options for reuse. Thank you for your contribution towards a more sustainable environment – and remember you are also maximising your product investment. That’s why Mood Alchemy customers are some of the most progressive and discerning consumers on the planet! cropped_logo