Hot Tips

Aromatic plant oils should never be swallowed or applied undiluted to the skin.

Mood Candles:

Never move or leave candles unattended while burning.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Never burn candles near anything flammable.

cropped_logoAlways place candles on a heat-resistant base set on a level stable surface.

cropped_logoWhen you burn your Mood Altering or Mini Mood soy candle for the first time, it is important to remember that it has a memory. Please be sure to burn it long enough for the wax to be fully melted across the width of the candle.  A full melt pool on the first burn will ensure an even burn in subsequent burns and avoid the wax “tunneling”.

cropped_logoKeep a candle lit for one hour per inch of diameter. So, if you have a 3-inch diameter candle (~76 mm), then burn it for at least three hours at a time. This practice allows the heat from the flame enough time to reach the outer edges of the candle container so that the wax melts evenly.

cropped_logoKeep the wick trimmed to approximately 5 mm to prevent smoking and carbon mushrooming. Re-trim the wick before every use.

cropped_logoThe beautiful artisan corked jar is reusable and perfect for storing bathroom items.


Mood Reed Diffusers:

cropped_logoKeep out of reach of children and pets.

cropped_logoClean up spills immediately as contact with surfaces may cause staining.

cropped_logoAvoid contact with eyes and skin.

cropped_logo DO NOT swallow contents of bottle.

cropped_logoKeep away from naked flame and heat.

cropped_logoEnd for end the reeds periodically in your Mood Alchemy Mood Reed Diffuser to refresh and prolong the fragrance

cropped_logoThe strength of the Mood Altering Aromatic fragrance can be modified by either increasing or decreasing the number of rattan reeds inserted into the reed diffuser.

cropped_logoMood Alchemy Mood Reed Diffusers work best if they are placed somewhere with plenty of radius, because they radiate scent through 360 degrees. Placing the reed diffuser on coffee tables or units where they have more air around them allows the diffusion process to work at maximum efficiency.

cropped_logoWhen your Mood Alchemy Mood Reed Diffuser has run dry, the reeds may be placed in your linen cupboard to scent sheets and towels.

cropped_logoThe expired reeds also make a very effective car deodoriser – simply place them in the ashtray of your car. The effect is far more pleasant than a synthetic car fragrance!



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