Our Ingredients

Here at Mood Alchemy we value our planet like we value our own health and well-being. Our luxury Mood Altering Aromatic products are proudly created here in Australia from natural eco- friendly ingredients using sustainable and renewable sources.


100% Soy wax– Created from pure natural soybean oil, the soy wax used in the Mood Alchemy range of mood altering candles and mini mood candles is biodegradable and pesticide free. Soy wax is made from renewable resources, and smokes and soots less than paraffin wax.

Wooden Wicks – used in our range of mood altering candles, these wicks are made only from certified sustainable natural materials.

Cotton wicks – used in our range of mini mood candles, these wicks are made out of all natural fibres. They are non-toxic and lead free.

Pure Essential Oils - The signature aromatherapy blends used in all of our  Mood Altering Aromatic products     are created wholly from pure and natural Essential oils of named botanical species.

Australian Jojoba oil Used as the carrier oil in the Mood Alchemy pulse point potions due to its superior moisturizing and hypoallergenic properties. Our jojoba oil is 100% cold pressed and Australian grown using sustainable farming techniques.

Recycled Glassware packaging – The beautiful artisan glass containers used to package our range of luxury mood candles, mood mists, mood massage oils and mood reed diffusers are made from recycled glass. Recycling glassware is important – it not only conserves the environment but it also saves energy. The process required to produce glass initially from raw starting materials involves a lot of heat. The obvious benefits of recycling glass is to reuse and save our natural resources  – but the most important benefit of recycled glass is that it requires considerably less energy than that which is needed to melt raw materials.

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