Cruisy – Midi Mood Candle

Midi Mood candles stay true to the Mood Alchemy Clean & Green philosophy - and hit the perfect price point. A 100% soy wax candle with a cotton wick, perfectly fragrant with our mood altering blend of pure essential oils, and hand poured into a unique artisan glass blown jar.

Chill out and unwind with this relaxing and perfectly balanced blend of pure essential oils. With a top note of lemongrass and influences of lavender - our Cruisy blend is ideal for enjoying a luxurious bath, and may promote a restful night sleep.

Hit the Cruise button - you've earned it!

Mood Group: Relaxing

Burn Time:   Sets the mood for around 30 hours

Price: $24.95

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Cruisy – Midi Mood Candle Cruisy – Midi Mood Candle

3 thoughts on “Cruisy – Midi Mood Candle

  1. As a long term sufferer of sensitive skin with extreme itching at night I would like to thank you for your Feisty Mood Bar.
    For many years the use of off the shelf soaps has resulted in irritating my skin with resultant scratching over the affected areas and unsightly excoriations on my lower legs and shins.
    Recently I had an attack of shingles which left me with heightened sensitivity which made washing the effected areas of my head and shoulders quite painful with lingering burning sensations for up to an hour afterwards.
    Since using the Feisty Mood Bar both for my morning and evening shower my skin has a reduced sensitivity particularly at night that enables me to sleep without the nocturnal episodes of scratching and to shower more comfortably when washing the sensitive areas of my face and neck affected by the shingles.
    Thankyou Mood Alchemy.

    Peter – Adelaide S.A

  2. "We love these reed diffusers from Mood Alchemy – perfect for lifting
    your spirit!" – JAC Jewellery, ACT

  3. 'This is literally the best candle that I have ever purchased. The mixture of aromas is amazing and can be smelt throughout the house and it truly creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.' Melissa – ACT