Harmony – Mini Mood Reeds

Mood Alchemy Mini Mood Reeds (100 ml) are perfect for all those areas of your home or work space that will benefit from a constant diffusion of subtle aromatherapy scent, but cannot be tended to as a burning candle should be.

Designed for scenting small sized rooms.

Notes of Mandarin and Lavender  combine synergistically to balance the emotions and soothe the spirits - creating a sense of Harmony. This blend may support women through the minor discomforts associated with pregnancy.

Mood Group: Balancing

Assembly: Carefully remove the seal and stopper from the bottle. Insert the required number of natural rattan reeds into the bottle. The aromatic essential oils will be drawn up through the reeds by capillary action over time.


Price: $34.95

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Harmony – Mini Mood Reeds