Pregnancy – Mini Mood Candle

Take your mood traveling with you or create your favourite mood at your special event! Perfect for creating atmosphere at your wedding or other special function ­ - ­ or present as a keepsake to your wedding guests to relive the mood of your special day.

A conveniently sized travel companion, our Mood Altering Mini Candles are made from 100% soy wax with a cotton wick, blended with pure essential oils and hand poured into a miniature artisan glass blown jar.

This refreshing and uplifting blend of pure essential oils has been specifically created to support women through the minor discomforts associated with pregnancy.

Notes of Mandarin and Lavender combine synergistically to balance the emotions and soothe the spirits.

Mood Group: Balancing

Burn Time:   Sets the mood for 10+ hours


Price: $13.95

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Pregnancy – Mini Mood Candle

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