Mood Altering Aromatics

Ancient civilizations used aromatic plant extracts known as essential oils to cope with a variety of emotional ailments and to improve mental well-being. They recognized that the inhalation of certain aromas produced a noticeable change in breathing patterns, which induced a state of relaxation. Breathing is the most necessary ingredient of life.

Now, modern research has shown that these highly aromatic oils have unique therapeutic properties which can induce mood changes by triggering an emotional response or by association with positive memories. Our sense of smell has a psychotherapeutic influence over the autonomic nervous system – the system that controls our stress levels.

Mood Alchemy has created a unique range of aromatherapy fragrance products especially suited to the modern lifestyle.

Extensive development by our experienced research team has resulted in our own synergistic blends of aromatic oils – designed to infuse the air with a particular mood altering fragrance.

Proudly made here in Australia, each of our luxury mood products is crafted from natural eco- friendly materials.

Make your choice from our stress-busting Mood Palette based on what mood state you would like to create for yourself……………..

Mood Palette 

Clarity Cruisy Feisty Foxy Zesty Pregnancy

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