‘I do love Mood Alchemy’s candles. I find they are great for freshening the place up. Everything smells so good.’ Chris – WA, talking about our Clarity Midi Mood Candle

If I want a good nights sleep and need to chill out a bit I’ll burn it before bed – I love it and it works every time and smells amazing!!!’ Rebecca – ACT, talking about our Cruisy Mood Altering Candle

 ‘This one is my favourite – smells amazing and is lovely to massage with. It has come in handy for my massage course …. really amazing products you have created. Thank you.’ Emma – QLD, talking about our Feisty Mood Massage Oil


 ‘This is literally the best candle that I have ever purchased. The mixture of aromas is amazing and can be smelt throughout the house and it truly creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.’  Melissa – ACT, talking about our Pregnancy Mood Altering Candle  

 ‘As a long term sufferer of sensitive skin with extreme itching at night I would like to thank you for your Feisty Mood Bar
For many years the use of off the shelf soaps has resulted in irritating my skin with resultant scratching over the affected areas and unsightly excoriations on my lower legs and shins.  Recently I had an attack of shingles which left me with heightened sensitivity which made washing the effected areas of my head and shoulders quite painful with lingering burning sensations for up to an hour afterwards. Since using the Feisty Mood Bar both for my morning and evening shower my skin has a reduced sensitivity particularly at night that enables me to sleep without the nocturnal episodes of scratching and to shower more comfortably when washing the sensitive areas of my face and neck affected by the shingles.Thank you Mood Alchemy’. Peter – Adelaide SA  

 “We love these reed diffusers from Mood Alchemy – perfect for lifting 
your spirit!” JAC Jewellery – ACT, talking about our range of Mini Mood Reeds

 ‘Works like magic.  When cooking a BBQ outside, the Al Fresco Insect Repellant Candle is very effective at keeping insects at bay while enjoying the outdoors.  And the fragrance is very pleasant.  This product really works!’
‘My Zesty Mood Reed Diffuser freshens the house with a quietly vibrant fragrance. When I open the front door I love the welcoming freshness, and 3 sticks are enough for ‘Zesty’ to permeate throughout an open plan living area.  I love this product.’
‘I love to light a ‘Merry’ – Mood Altering Candle while I settle down to read a good book, and let the gentle fragrances of cinnamon and clove waft around me.  So relaxing.’ Terri – NSW

‘I love your candles that smell wonderful’ Kathryn – ACT, talking about our Foxy Mood Altering Candle

 ‘Thanks again Mood Alchemy! On Xmas Eve we set up our new Alfresco Outdoor Reed Diffuser on a 3m outdoor patio table and there it stayed until the New Year. In the week of the festive season while we entertained on the patio I am pleased to say neither we or our guests were bothered by insects while we enjoyed our pleasant summer evenings. So thanks once again for a very effective product’. Peter and Bev – SA 


“I have been a loyal fan of Mood Alchemy for a couple of years now. The products have quietly become a staple in my life. Recently however, when we moved house, I realised just what a magical addition these products truly are. After the huge and stressful task of getting one place packed, cleaned and moved, I found myself alone (hubby was away for work) in a big, unfurnished house with little but boxes and more hard work ahead of me. After hours of ardous unpacking and organising, I came across my stash of Mood Alchemy goodies. Out came myZesty’ Mood Reed Diffuser and my ‘Clarity’ candle and my mood was transformed! All of a sudden, the stark and unfamiliar house smelt like home! It was a huge comfort and inspiration. Thank you Mood Alchemy for the magic:-)” Camilla – NSW