Why fragranced homewares make great gifts

What is the one thing that people always notice about your home?

When someone initially enters your home – it is the smell that greets them first. The ambient aroma of an abode is the clearest and most immediate indicator of the personalities that reside there.

That’s why natural aromatic products make excellent personalised homeware gifts. Mood Alchemy Mood blends are formulated from the purest natural ingredients, and are designed to effectively eliminate odours by harnessing the powerful antimicrobial properties of pure essential plant oils.

Mood Alchemy’s luxury range of natural aromatherapy products have been purposely designed to fragrance all areas of your home, and come in a variety of Mood blends to characterize individual personality types.

Our suggestions for fragrancing different areas of your home are:

 Front Entry: Place a Mood Reed Diffuser on the hall console table to subtly and continually scent your space with your signature Mood.

 Lounge room: A Mood Altering Candle flickering on the coffee table will set the mood.

 Kitchen area: Burn a Mood Oil in an oil burner for a concentrated burst of fragrance.

 Bedroom: Light a Midi Mood Candle to create a relaxing ambience.

 Bathroom: Have a Mood Altering Mist on standby to effectively neutralize odours!

 Outdoor areas: Our Al Fresco range of natural insect repellent products are ideal for enhancing your  enjoyment of the Great Outdoors.

So if you’re looking for unique & eco-friendly gifts to give this Christmas, then look no further! The Mood Alchemy brand is a registered and protected trade mark, so when you purchase a Mood Alchemy product you can be confident that you are purchasing something unique and individual. The perfect homeware gift for that someone special.